App won't load - websockets / firewall? / odd URLs?

Getting some odd errors trying to load my shiny app. Can you explain this? What is ecstatic_tereshkova ?

Hi @Ala_Arab,

Some clarification for this URL:

  • wss: secure web socket protocol, which is basically HTTPS with an Upgrade.
  • ecstatic_tereshkova: a container name generated by docker. ShinyProxy uses this name in its URLs to know which container to proxy to.

As for the error message: maybe there is a firewall in place that blocks the wss protocol?

use a browser that when you monitor the network activity in it, show you the websocket connection in it. Otherwise change your browser or install a fresh copy.
For me it was something that caused to block the websocket and when I was using a clean Firefox or MS Edge the problem was going away.

Give it a try and please let me know if I can help.

Kind regards,