Blank page after successful ShinyProxy installation

Hi all,

I am unable to access ShinyProxy on my remote server (a LAMP digitalocean droplet).
Java, Docker & ShinyProxy are successfully installed. Manually launching the docker container works fine too, generating the expected outcome (see troubleshooting page).

However, nothing happens if I go to different ports (2375, 3838, 8080) on my IP address Page stays blank - and nothing happens in the console.

Must note that Wordpress is also installed on the root, and if I go to anything like, I am redirected to a 404 wordpress page.

Can anyone help me with the next steps?


Hi @peter,

I assume your wordpress is running on port 80, and you have configured shinyproxy to run on 8080?
In this case, make sure port 8080 is accessible to the internet in your iptables or other firewall settings.

Alternatively, set up a reverse proxy such as nginx on port 80, and have it forward traffic to either wordpress or shinyproxy based on a URL, e.g. /site and /shiny.

That works, thanks a lot!

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