Can i use ShinyProxy on Windows 10 Home edition?

Hi all,

Recenlty i came across shinyproxy. And it seems to be exacty what i need for my current project. However, i cannot figure out how to install it on my laptop. My OS is Windows 10 Home edition with alll the latest upadates, which means that i cannot have Hyper-V. And according to some instructions i found online i installed docker toolbox.

The installation was fine and i got Docker Quickstart Terminal., Kinematic and Oracle VM. Below you can see the start page of Docker Quickstart Terminal. As you can see, when i tried to use the “sudo docker status” command it didn’t run. From what i understand, i should use other command or so, but I am not very familiar with these and i have no idea how to procceed…

I would be glad if someone can help me to figure it out…



Hi @Emperor3,

I have not tried Docker Toolbox myself, but looking at the docs, it appears that this terminal is a very minimal bash running on MINGW.
That is probably why commands such as service and sudo are not recognized. Can you run the docker status command directly, i.e. without sudo?

@fmichielssen i tried it also but as you can see it doesn’t work either…


So, in general, is there a way to do all this in Windows 10 Home edition ? Or it works only in Windows pro ?


Ohh wait, status is an argument for the docker-machine command, not for docker.
How about this command? docker ps -a ?

It works. I succeeded on Windows 7. I don’t remember the details but in general, the point is to make sure the docker API inside of the docker-machine can be accessed by the java client of shinyproxy…

Not sure if using a docker container version of shinyproxy will make it easier or not…