Connection to a sqlite database on the host


I try to deploy a application on which multiple users should be able to update a shared sqlite database.
This sqlite database would be located on the host (for example /home/shiny/db.sqlite)

I looked at the post
In the documentation, I also see there is also a container-network argument.

Is there a way to configure an application to read/write files on the host ?
Is there an impact on R syntax within shiny app ?
DBI::dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), dbname = path)

I think permission rights may also be an issue, no ?

Thanks very much!

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I wonder if it would work to link database into a docker via -v argument?

Hi @stephLH,

You can use the container-volumes field in your application specs to mount specific folders / files on your host into your Docker container. This is the equivalent of the docker run -v @Roman_Lustrik mentioned. See

Hope this helps!


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Thanks both of you, I will try the -v argument ASAP.