Customize error message + kubernetes tutorial?


I use shiny proxy on a dedicated serveur to deploy a “big” shiny app,
I dont know yet how to deal with kubernetes so, for now, I have some hardware limitation and sometime user have "error 500 " because the RAM is full and the server can start more container…

3 questions :

  • how can I customize the error message ? or redirect user somewhere (just to say : please try again later)
  • how can I limit the number of launched containers ?
  • I m quite noob on kubernetes, do you know if there is a simple “shinyproxy + kubernetes” tutorial somewhere on the internet ?


Hi @VincentGuyader,

Thank you for your question. With the parameters port-range-start and esp. port-range-max you can limit the number of containers proxied by ShinyProxy as explained here:

If a user goes beyond the maximum number, the user will see a message Cannot start container: all allocated ports are currently in use. Please try again later or contact an administrator.

Also, note that you can set a memory limit on the individual container for an app using the docker-memory option as described in

An example configuration for kubernetes deployment can be found here:

Hope this helps!