Django (python) app inside shinyproxy

Hi everyone, I am trying to run a django app inside shinyproxy.
The app info in the application.yml look like this:

    - id: DjangoTest
      display-name: Django Test
      description: brb
      port: 8050
      container-cmd: ["python3", "/dir/to/app/ runserver"]
      container-image: shiny-est
      container-volumes: ["/dir/to/app:/dir/to/app"]

However, the container times out (“Container unresponsive, trying again (2/100): http://localhost:20000”). When I dry run the app with docker, everything appears to
be running. I am guessing there might be a port issue or something else, that is django specific. Anybody with some experience running Django apps inside shinyproxy?


Can you try with container-cmd without spaces, i.e. container-cmd: ["python3", "/dir/to/app/", "runserver", ""]?
Also please check with a demo app to confirm that the shinyproxy itself is configured properly


That was an embarrassingly easy fix! Defining the container-cmd as you suggested
did it for me, everything is working now. Thank you very much!