Docker not destroyed after closing web browser

When closing all shinyproxy application tabs, should I not expect the underlying docker to be destroyed immediately even if a long R task has been triggered before shutting down my browser?

What I found is that if I re-open the same fresh shinyproxy application, the page will not load until the previous underlying R kernel is released. So let’s say I trigger a R task which takes an hour (by mistake), I then shut down my browser and try to re-open the app 5 minutes later, I would basically need to wait for another 55 min before the app can launch again (dangerous, isn’t it).

Anything I am missing here ?
Thanks guys, Dylan

Hi @Dylan_Cissou,

The container will be stopped, but not immediately. Only when the heartbeat times out (cf. heartbeat-timeout setting) the relevant container will be stopped. Note that when the user explicitly signs out, the container is stopped instantly.


H @tverbeke-
Thanks very much for your response.
Perfect, I tested it and it works as expected.

Have a nice we, Dylan

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