Error 500 - Failed to start container


I encounter this issue after running java -jar shinyproxy-1.0.2.jar and access my app:

Status code: 500

Message: Failed to start container: Request error: POST localhost:2375/containers/create: 400, body: {“message”:“invalid reference format”}

Stack Trace:
eu.openanalytics.ShinyProxyException: Failed to start container: Request error: POST

From the help on

I have checked the firewall and it is disabled. I am using Ubuntu 16.04. Any help here?

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This might be a docker issue not specific for shinyproxy. Can you try to run the image ‘manually’ outside of shinyproxy, as described in ?

I did do that and the app works. The problem happens when executing it through java -jar shinyproxy-1.0.2.jar

I did some work using the following guide:

Now the error has changed. It says ‘Container did not respond in time’.
Should I undo changes or keep working in this direction? It should be noted I am trying to connect via a windows 7 laptop and the docker is hosted in an ubuntu VM on another server