Golem docker container : Container did not respond in time

I have some problems trying to run a simple golem docker container from shinyproxy.
Everything is deployed on an ubuntu server.
When I run my image manualy :
sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 amillanfl/testgolem2
Everything works fine but when I call my image from shinyproxy it goes to error 500, Container did not respond in time.
I test some application.yml config, here the last one :
port: 8080
authentication: simple
container-backend: docker
container-wait-time: 60000
container-log-path: ./container-logs
hide-navbar: true
admin-groups: admins

  • name: arnaud
    password: password
    groups: admins
    • id: 01_hello
      display-name: Hello Application
      container-cmd: [“R”, “-e”, “shinyproxy::run_01_hello()”]
      container-image: openanalytics/shinyproxy-demo
    • id: test_golem
      port: 8080
      container-image: amillanfl/testgolem2

The 01_hello app works fine. I also try without the port in test_golem and with the same container-cmd as the one in the Dockerfile :
CMD ["R", "-e options('shiny.port'=8080,shiny.host=''); test.golem::run_app()"]

I read a lot of topics and tuts but don’t find a solution for it. Some help will be really helpfull !

CMD ["R", "-e options('shiny.port'=8080,shiny.host=''); test.golem::run_app()"]

Hi @amillanfl, quick check, could be that the above contains a typo. "-e options should be "-e", "options, right?

That’s it !
Strange that the code generate by golem work’s everywhere except in shinyproxy CMD.

Many thanks for your perfect help !

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