How do I upload my own custom application.yml after I edit it?

I pulled ShinyProxy from github, and edited the application.yml file to fit my own application. How do I get it onto the remote server inside of the Jar file?

Is this how it is intended to be approached? We edit the application.yml file inside of the jar file, and then Docker pull our own automated build repository?


I found the answer. After downloading the .jar file, follow these instructions to edit application.yml and then re-use the .jar file for your app:

Change the `.jar` extension to `.zip` 
Modify the `application.yml` file
cd shinyproxy-0.2.0 (change to inside the project directory)
zip -r -Zstore ../shinyproxy-0.2.0.jar *

This is for MacOS editing the file. Due to wierd compression, have to rezip the file from the terminal. This method was confirmed and tested on MacOS running ShinyProxy on Ubuntu 14.04.

Hi John,

Thanks for the question (and answer).

Actually, there is no need to fiddle with the jar file.

You can just put your custom application.yml next to the jar file (in the same folder) and the custom configuration will be picked up automatically when you run

java -jar shinyproxy-0.3.0.jar  


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Can you make it so I can put an app.R shiny file in the directory and have it get picked up automatically too :slight_smile: ?

:slight_smile: Well… the docker server is not necessarily the same as the server on which ShinyProxy itself is running, so it seems a bit like mixing two worlds. Also, probably your app.R file will depend on packages that would need to be installed into the Docker image anyhow, so one could as well just put the app.R inside the Docker image during Docker image building.