Integrating with Auth0 (OIDC Provider)


Thanks for doing the work to integrate with an OIDC provider.

I am trying to get ShinyProxy (2.0) to work with Auth0. I’ve set up the app in Auth0 with domain:

I’ve added the correct Auth Endpoint, Token Endpoint, JWKS URL as well as client id and secret

The app is running here:

From what I’m seeing, the callback URL is not a valid page:

Not an expert so I am not sure if that’s what’s causing the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @aliskov,

What do you mean by ‘not a valid page’? Are you getting a 404 error?
The OIDC authentication involves several 302 redirects, and the last one (the callback URL) should look like this:


Are you seeing this redirect? You can check by opening the network tab in your browser’s dev tools.