Kubernetes secret for deploying shiny apps


I am using the latest ShinyProxy 2.0.0 and I cannot get proxy.kubernetes.image-pull-secret to work. I have private containers in DockerHub with a DockerHub secret setup in my kubernetes cluster. The secret works as it is used to deploy ShinyProxy itself (which is a private image in DockerHub) in a kubernetes deployment.

I use that same secret name in the application.yml file for image-pull-secret but it doesn’t work. I have to make the app images public for ShinyProxy to pull it.

Am I missing something? Does this not work as I expect?
I can only post one image but running “kubectl get secrets” does show the “mysecret” docker secret.


Hi @MichaelCal,

Thanks for bringing this up. There seems to be a problem with the resolution of proxy.kubernetes.image-pull-* settings in version 2.0.0. This will be fixed asap.

Fixed in ShinyProxy 2.0.1: https://www.shinyproxy.io/downloads/