Login issues using Kubernetes


I have two issues with the login using Kubernetes.
After a logout, the login page opens. If I enter my credentials and try to log in again, the page reloads. So I have to log in again and on the second try, it works. This always happens after a logout.
Logout (works) -> Login (fails) -> Login (works)

I recorded it and uploaded it as a gif:

The second issue is that sometimes I get a timeout when I try to log in. Note: not after a logout as mentioned above. If I reload the page then the login works. If I don’t wait for the timeout but click “Login” after a few seconds again, the login works, too.

Again as a gif where the blank page is the timeout:

As authentication method I use LDAP. It only happens on Kubernetes, if I deploy Shinyproxy on a server using docker none of the issues ever happen.

I wanted to paste some log entries but I don’t know what I have to look for. If someone can tell me what logging settings I should use, I will paste the logs.

Has someone an idea why this could happen? Do you think that the problem is Kubernetes in general or my deployment?