Mutiple Shinyproxy connections to MySQL DB for Usage Statistics

Hello guys!

I configured Shinyproxy to send the login usage to a MySQL database following the configuration page. Everything works well, but it seems that Shinyproxy keeps a lot of connections open, does not close them and instead opens a new one several times. (I currently have 15 db connections directed from shinyproxy into the DB).
Does anyone know what causes this issue?

Thanks a lot!


ShinyProxy uses a database connection pool. We use the HikarCP library for this. You can limit the maximum number of connections using the proxy.usage-stats-hikari.maximum-pool-size option.
We have some more configuration options in our code (, but these are currently undocumented (although they reflect the typical options of hikarcp).

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Thank you very much for the info! Greatly appreciate it!