One user and same app on multiple tabs, each with its own container possible?

I have a scenario, in which I as a user would like to spin up several instances of the same app and operate them independently on several tabs. I just noticed that if I open the same app in multiple tabs (ShinyProxy 2.5.0), I still only see one running container doing docker ps. I assumed that ShinyProxy would spin up multiple containers, i.e. one for each tab, which can all operate independently and thus not block each others processes. As far as I understand it now, this does not happen by default. Is it possible to do what I want with ShinyProxy?
Keep up your great work! Love it! :slight_smile:


Currently it’s only possible to have one instance of an app running per user. You can workaround this by creating multiple “apps” with the same docker image, but with a different name.

Currently such a feature is not on our roadmap, but we might consider it. However, I don’t think we are going to change ShinyProxy so that every tab becomes a separate container. My current idea is that when launching a second instance of an app, the user can provide a name for this instance. If they (accidentally) close an tab, they can re-open this instance by selecting this name in a dropdown menu.
Do you think this would cover your use-cases?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I am not sure if I understand the option you suggest. In our case, we have built a simulation software where a simulation takes up to appr. 20 min. to finish and will block the app in the meantime. Me as a user, I would like to be able to run several simulations in parallel, which could be achieved by simply launching new instances (of course we could run the simulations in the background as a separate R process and just visualize it in shiny, but let’s assume it has some advantages not doing it this way).

If I understand you correctly, one would be able to spin up another instance when entering a user-defined name for it? That would be great.

Looks like this could help :