Only one container launched for one docker image

I have a Shiny App that makes one long (let’s say two minutes) REST API call. While that instance for the app is waiting for the API call to finish I can launch Shiny apps using other docker images (new containers are spawned) but not the same. So if other users want to use the shiny app making the API call they have to wait for it to finish. I expected Shiny server to start new containers even for the same image. Any way to solve this? Thank you.

Hi @Luis_Avila,

ShinyProxy will launch new containers for every new user/app combination, whatever happens in these containers. If it is the same user and the same app, however, the same container will be reused.

Hope this helps!


thank you @tverbeke,
that helps. I am using “authentication: none” but noticed that even when using different browsers on the same browser in “incognito” mode new containers are launched, which is great.
Thank you!

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