OpenID SHINYPROXY_OIDC_ACCESS_TOKEN expiration extension?


We have an internal analytics app, and shinyproxy has been pivotal in helping to scale that on AWS. We use shinyproxy as a way to host the same app multiple times using the application landing page. But because our users typically work in the application for long sessions we started to see issues where a user will have a long running application and want to open another application but can’t refresh the SHINYPROXY_OIDC_ACCESS_TOKEN by logging in and out without losing their current session.

Is there any way to extend the expiration of the original SHINYPROXY_OIDC_ACCESS_TOKEN that is created by the application.yml when users go to first Oauth?

We have implemented a short refresh token when the application is started, and its possible to make that refresh token longer such as ~12 hours so that users can open any application immediately they believe they’ll use for the day.