Openshift and ShinyProxy


I’m wondering the level of support for ShinyProxy on OpenShift? I know OpenShift is based on Kubernetes? Can I simply use the Kubernetes configuration examples in OpenShift or is there more involved? I’ll be playing around to see how far I can get but would be interested to know if this has been tried before.

Some progress. I’m able to run examples in openshift using a deployment config for the shinyproxy app and the kube-proxy-sidecar. But I’m running into an issue when trying to mount some data files that a model can read to do something more sophisticated that an example R model. The service account used doesn’t allow for hostPath volumes, which I don’t really want to use anyway. How would I direct the spec in application.yml to include a persistent volume claim based mount?

As always looking at the code sheds great light. I built my own fix before realizing there are already two PRs that will help with my problem.

I haven’t tested with the above (but could if it would help move them along). The good news is with the fix it all works in OpenShift 4.2.