Referencing from the Landing Page


I wonder if there is a way to create the landing page with additional pages. What I mean is is that I would like to create multiple html pages and refer to the non-landing html files from the landing page.

After following this template that you published a few months ago, the reference did not work from the landing page - but the main page worked just fine. There linking looks like this:

<a href="./folder1/index.html">Page Title</a>

In the meantime, I saw that ShinyProxy uses the Thymeleaf template engine. Does it imply that all the files are supposed to be stored inside the assets folder?

Thanks in advance,


The issue has been resolved - but I did not find this in the ShinyProxy documentation.

As it happens, each file & folder must be placed inside the assets folder. Otherwise, the redirection does not work.

Slightly related, but for login landing page where I talk about folder/file structure: Login page customization


I think that topic is related.