Session inactive timeout while tab still open

Hi there-
I know we can set hearbeat-rate andheartbeat-timeout in order to shut down a container once the user closes the browser tap. However nowadays people can live with a tab open for days or weeks before they need estate and close it. Having multiple users, you can end up with a lot of ghost containers being live for nothing.

Is there any equivalent to the shiny server pro app_session_timeout in ShinyProxy so the app greys out (container shut down) after x amount of time of inactivity ?

Thank you, Dylan


FYI- I used the following solution to make it works:

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The way how we overcame this issue is that we restart the whole ShinyProxy environment each day with some cronjob when no one is active (at night, say). This is fully automatic - and it also gives you the opportunity to add updates on daily basis without human intervention.

Nice one too. This is definitely a valid solution too.

I’ve created a Feature Requrest in


thanks @shrektan, hopefully that will make its way through the prod version of ShinyProxy