Shiny Proxy LDAP Authentication Failure

Hello I am trying to test out Shiny Proxys LDAP integration. Instead of using forumsys as a test I am using zflex as shown below:

LDAP Server Connection Info:

Port: 389

Bind DN: cn=ro_admin,ou=sysadmins,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
Bind Password: zflexpass

If you have needs that requires updating the attributes and adding more, then you need to register and obtain a special access ID - with elevated privileges.  A special OU will be setup for your organization.

Recommend trying out our zFlex LDAP Browser to view the TDS Directory Tree to find other users.


Other Users IDs and their passwords are:
•uid=guest1,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com ◦guest1password

•uid=guest2,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com ◦guest2password

•uid=guest3,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com ◦guest3password

Each user (and others) have CN,SN, GivenName, EmployeeType and email to form a fully qualified LDAP Entry.

from link:

My configuration settings below are:

      url: ldap://,dc=com
      user-dn-pattern: uid={0}
      group-search-filter: (uniqueMember={0})
      manager-dn: cn=ro_admin,ou=sysadmins,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
      manager-password: zflexpass

I am able to run Shiny Proxy, however, every time I enter the credentials below I am getting a Authentication failure:

username: guest1
password: guest1password

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @Babacar_Diouf,

The issue is with the user-dn-pattern: together with the base (dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com), it should form a full DN.
Since the full DN appears to be uid=guest1,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com you need to change the pattern to: uid={0},ou=users,ou=guests


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