Shinyproxy 1.1.1 on ubuntu 18.04, unresponsive error 500

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A fresh install ubuntu 18.04, shinyproxy 1.1.1. run_01_hello() works fine with simple docker run … but with shinyproxy i have error 500 ?

Hi @pobsteta,

Thanks for your question. Did you follow the getting started guide? My first guess would be that it has to do with the Docker startup options (that allow ShinyProxy to establish a connection with Docker).

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I’ve follows the getting started section.
Yeah, that’s what I think too. If I start the docker manually, it says:

docker run

R version 3.4.4 (2018-03-15) – “Someone to Lean On”
Copyright (C) 2018 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (64-bit)

Type ‘q()’ to quit R.

Loading required package: shiny

Listening on

What is 3838 listening for? If I telnet localhost 3838 it gives connection refused while it says it is listenning.

Is this possibly a firewall failing me. I’ve disabled firewalld and verfiied it’s not active.

I come from BSD’s, so linux firewall is new to me.

Any suggesitons welcome.

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What startup options do you use for Ubuntu 18? The getting started guide only shows up to Ubuntu 16?