Shinyproxy App not allowing concurrent users

I have deployed a Shiny App in AWS with the docker and Shinyproxy stack. Mostly due to the fact that the shinyapps platform could not handle multiple users due to the App doing some computationally intensive calculations.

However now that I have deployed to AWS the App runs fine however if a second user tries to run the App, the App is non-responsive until the first App finishes. This is counter intuitive as from the Shinyproxy site:

  • In Shinyproxy Every time a user runs an application, a container spins up and serves the application.

So I was expecting that App will not interfere with each other, however this does not seem to be the case. I’m using the only one password and user as the App can be used by multiple users.

Hi Eugenio,

using one user/pass is your problem. As ShinyProxy run different container for each user. In your case, this is the same user…


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