ShinyProxy: Grayed out application upon loading


I’m running a dockerized ShinyProxy on an linux machine.

The docker image runs perfectly fine on my machine.

The docker image runs perfectly fine on the linux machine, when have to tunnel into the machine first using something like ssh -v -N -L 8080:remote_host_name:8080 before opening my browser to localhost:8080.

So far so good.


I had a URL created which I can point to instead of having to tunnel.

What works: landing page to login and list of apps.

Clicking on any of the shiny apps, I first see the “Launching xxx”, and the log shows non errors:

2019-08-29 23:37:28.800  INFO 1 --- [  XNIO-2 task-3] e.o.containerproxy.service.UserService   : User logged in [user: user]
2019-08-29 23:40:27.404  INFO 1 --- [  XNIO-2 task-6] c.s.docker.client.DefaultDockerClient    : Starting container with Id: 688447303e6adb4753040914c55f3f677b2d7a69a2af6eff38e65b6bb31ef188
2019-08-29 23:40:31.192  INFO 1 --- [  XNIO-2 task-6] e.o.containerproxy.service.ProxyService  : Proxy activated [user: user] [spec: kclust] [id: 3e0b6d38-e0f7-4064-b6ef-be73b833aa07]

However, the app simply “grays out” in what seems like half way into the launch. Some of the dropdown work, but there the graph on the right is missing.


I’m kind of stuck - since the app works perfectly except when I have a URL pointed instead of having to tunnel in, and ShinyProxy isn’t giving my errors either.

Note: this isn’t a graying out after a while (like a timeout…) this is upon loading the 1st time. The k-means clustering is the light weight app too, so it shouldn’t take more than a fraction of a second to load.

Any ideas on what to do, or where to look?

It is difficult to say what is the problem, but maybe you can try:

  1. Have a look at browser’s console (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+I or F12) to see if there are any error messages (also Network tab maybe useful)
  2. Turn on container-logs and see if something is there (if the error is R related, but this is unlikely by your description) - see