[UPDATED: NEW VERSION ISSUE]ShinyProxy and reactivity

Hello. I have an app that runs on shiny-server and i recently moved it to shinyproxy.

The issue is this:
When the app runs on shiny-server or when i run it using just docker, every input slider and button works.
When i run the app on shinyproxy i lose reactivity from these sliders and buttons.

Furthermore another issue when i use shinyproxy is this:
I have 2 visualizations in different tabs. The default tab that loads, displays the visualization normally. However, when i switch to the second tab the visualization isn’t displayed.

I searched countless times online for this issue but i couldn’t find any information.
Is this a known issue? Any suggestions?

The code doesn’t have any issues and i wrote the .yml file after reading the documentation.

Okay i found out that this is an issue that came up with the new 2.4.0 version.
I switched back to 2.3.1 and everything works fine.


This should not happen. In order for us to be able to reproduce the bug, could you provide the docker image of the app you are using and the application.yml file.

Without this we cannot look into the issue, because we did not experience a similar issue.