Url pathname always returns endpoint url

Hi Team-

While using the /app/myshinyapp/ url style and printing the following statements:
print("–start of clientData–")
print("–end of clientData–")

I got:
[1] “–start of clientData–”
[1] “http:”
[1] “myshinyapp.dbrs.local”
[1] “”
[1] “/endpoint/b7219443-8125-41d4-9894-b19b1602614c/”
[1] “–end of clientData–”

I would understand if if I was using the app_direct style but here it is a bit confusing, I think
should return app/myshinyapp/ instead, don’t you agree ?

Thank you, Dylan

Hi @Dylan_Cissou,

I agree seeing the endpoint URL is less than ideal, e.g. because you can’t bookmark it.
But it’s the ‘real’ address of the proxy: the /app_direct URL is just a redirect, and the /app URL is an i-frame wrapper page.
Currently, I can’t think of ways to improve this, but it might be a good idea to post this on the github so we can consider some possible approaches.

Thank you very much - understood, will do it.