A few questions about SAML implementation specifics

I have successfully enabled SAML authentication to our enterprise’s authentication server, but I have two remaining (small) issues I was hoping to get feedback about:

  1. In the top bar, there is no longer a name next to the user icon, where there previously was when I had LDAP authentication enabled. Is there a way to get something to indicate who the user is logged in as up there? I figure I’m just missing a config setting somewhere. (Note, the SHINYPROXY_USERNAME variable is being set correctly, so that part appears working using the name-attribute setting)

  2. When a user clicks “sign out” in that top bar, the shinyproxy redirects back to the app page (since we just have one application, we’re using the landing-page option to simplify things). This results in a redirect through the auth flow, and since the user is already logged in via SAML, the cookie from the auth server is still valid, so the application just reloads. What would be the best way to configure things (if it’s possible) to drop a user to a page that has a “login” button instead of just reloading the app?

Thank you!

For reference the relevant issue (and fix) can be found here: https://github.com/openanalytics/shinyproxy/issues/267