Absolute path for logo and external R files

Hi All,
I have a question about file path which is used for Shinyproxy logo, thumbnails and separate scripts, since all my attempts failed. I put all my images for logo and thumbnail to my www folder, so my application.yml for logo or thumbnails url looks like this file:///root/my_app/www/pic.png, but this doesn’t work.
Similar question about absolute path used in R scripts, I have a couple of separate functions (R files) in external folder and my ui.R calls them as source(file = “file:///root/my_app/functions/my_f1.R”), but it doesn’t work. Do I miss a part of the path?
Thanks for your inputs.

  1. Note that logo path should be path on the host server, not inside the container
  2. In R scripts, adding file:// is not necessary, though should work anyway. So maybe you paths are not correct - make sure that all needed files are added to the docker image.
    Additionally, the error message you get might be helpful to identify the reason.

Thank you for your answer.
Reg 1, I provided absolute path to my host server (the same where shinyproxy-2.6.1.jar is located), file://local/home/my_username/img/my_pic.png but I don’t see the pic (for webhosting everything works).

For logo try this format:

  logo-url: file:///etc/shinyproxy/logo.png

and pay attention on file access rights for user shinyproxy.

yes I followed the recommendation and still nothing happens. I did a chmod 777 for all the files but still getting an error: Failed to convert file URI to data URI: file:///root/my_app/www/pic1.png

Hello @awwoj
Are you sure the folder /root/my_app is on your host? I presume it contains your application files. So it should be in a container not on your host.
Anyway logo-url: file:///etc/shinyproxy/logo.png works for me as /etc/shinyproxy is on my host.

thank you All, I overlooked one dash, as you pointed out this is correct and works file:///etc/shinyproxy/logo.png

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