Access url query string

Using ShinyProxy, we need to get access to the url query string via: session$clientData$url_search.

None of the session client data is returned initially on the first load (when the app launches). However, when we refresh or revisit the page, the session info appears.

It seems this issue was addressed in the 0.7.5 release. However, we can’t access the url query string in the first page load.

Why is session$clientData$url_search not available on the initial app launch?

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Hi @jordan,

We’re trying to reproduce this issue internally.
In the meantime, could you provide some additional information?

  • Are you using a custom index page or a different approach to display the /app/appName page?
  • Do you have a custom value set for shiny.proxy.landing-page?
  • Do you have a custom value set for server.contextPath?
  • Is there a (reverse) proxy between the client and ShinyProxy?


We are using nginx as a reverse proxy to redirect 80 to 443. Otherwise those settings are all defaults.

  • Does this answer your questions?
  • Would providing you with our yaml settings help?

Hi @jordan,

We were able to reproduce the issue.
Indeed, support for passing query params was added in release 0.7.5, but unfortunately this was broken in a commit some time later:
Added animated loading feedback while container is launching
A new fix was made in this PR:
Fix querystring in containerPath
This fix is currently in the develop branch, and will be included in the next release of ShinyProxy.