Add apps to containerized docker engine

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this app is great, thank you for developing it!

I’m trying to add custom shiny applications to a containerized docker engine based on this tutorial:

In this case the shinyproxy.jar is also containerized and communicates on a bridge network with the apps (in an other image). The tutorial is straightforward and works flawlessly for the demo applications which are built into the shinyproxy-demo image already. But I’m not able to add more apps…

In this scenario, the apps have to be converted into shinyproxy functions (if I understood correctly), like shinyproxy::run_01_hello(). This is done via the [shinyproxy_0.0.1.tar.gz] installation inside the shinyproxy-demo image (R CMD INSTALL …tar.gz). It copies the files from the site-library/shiny/example folder to a temp folder.

I added new app.R files to the image, into the site-library folder. The build runs successfully, apps are converted and referenced in the application.yml. The new apps are listed but not loaded… Probably I missed something during the package installation when apps are converted into shinyproxy functions…

If anyone…
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Hi Imre,

There might be some confusion due to the fact that the demo R package is also called shinyproxy… In fact this is just an R package that contains two example shiny applications and functions to run them. For your own application you don’t have to wrap them in an R package, and you don’t need to use R package shinyproxy. So you would need to copy your application files (or package) and then adjust the RUN command to be something like shiny::runApp("/path/to/app") instead of shinyproxy::run_01_hello().
Hope this helps.

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That is much simplier in this case. Thanks mnazarov!

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