Admin interface with no Authentication

So I’m running the shiny containers with no authentication but I’d like to login as admin to monitor the usage/uptime etc. Is this possible? I’m assuming since there are no registered users logged in, there won’t be any.

I’m currently running the default config, proxied via Nginx. I’d ideally like to have no authentication but with admin level access to all apps.

  authentication: simple
  admin-groups: admins
  - name: admin
    password: password
    groups: admins
    admin-users: [admin]
  - name: user
    password: password
    groups: users
  - id: foo_bar
    display-name: FooBar
    description: FooBar
    container-cmd: ["R", "-e", "shiny::runApp('/home/foobar')"]
    container-image: foobar:latest
    minimum-seats-available: 2
    allow-container-re-use: false
    access-groups: [admins, users]

Thanks for your help!


It’s currently not possible to view the admin panel when using none authentication. We are aware this would be helpful, and I logged an internal ticket for this.