Admin Panel Question

Is it possible to restrict the admin panel visibility, and also the stack trace visibility, with authentication: none? I’ve developed an application that is user facing and I don’t want the users to be able to view the admin panel or stack trace for privacy concerns. Is there a way to implement this?

Hi @hendiadys,

Using custom templates (see demo), you can override the navbar.html fragment and remove the link to the admin page.

If users visit the URL /admin directly, they would still see the admin page though. You can override the admin.html template to make sure it doesn’t show any sensitive information.

Regarding stack traces, do you mean those on error pages?

Yes, the stack traces that show up on error pages. Generally they wouldn’t reveal too much info, but I need to be able to just show an error code without additional info

Ok, you should also be able to override error.html, but I haven’t tested this myself.