Allow docker run "-v" option for ShinyProxy

My use case is to share the host’s /var/run/docker.sock with the container, but there are definitely other use cases such as not wanting to copy a huge host directory into the image or sharing container output through a shared folder.


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@bmuchmore This is a useful feature indeed. We’ll add it and let you know when it’s released.

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That is great! Thank you.


Thanks for giving us shinyproxy. Lovin’ it!

I believe this feature will be key for one of our shiny applications. The use case is that our app uses data that’s from a dynamic source and processes it substantially. As the download and processing takes >20s, the data is updated in the background every 30mins.

Thus, we cannot prepare the data when the container is started or store it in the image. I believe we need to be able to access the data on the host but am happy to hear other suggestions.


Hi @bmuchmore and @msenn,

Early Christmas present :wink:


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Thanks @tverbeke. That’s just what I wished for :wink: