Alternatives to Bridge Networking

I have been trouble shooting performance issues. I am still having a 15+ second container (network) initialization time.

I am building on these issues: Shiny Performance Bottle Necks
Long initialization time with v3.0.1

I have been able to isolate as a non-ShinyProxy networking issue. I can start a container(busybox unrelated to ShinyProxy) using either the host networking or bridge networking. The bridge network takes 1.5 seconds to start, and that is if I just echo the /etc/resolv.conf, and don’t respond to any http requests. This appears to be a Docker Mesh issue, basically just doing all of the networking in a CPU.

The question is how best to mitigate this with ShinyProxy. On the Docker side there are some options. Using host networking or bypassing the routing mesh. The problem with host networking is I would be essentially limited to a single host. Bypassing the routing mesh seems feasible using internal networking=false in the application.yml. However, it seems like there are some issues. Do I need to configure the ports that I launch shiny with? Is that passed to the container in an environment variable somewhere(is there some other magic that shiny in the container just uses the port it wants?).