App_direct functionality

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If I understand correctly from the 2.2.0 release notes it should be possible to be able to access both and, where the latter omits the iframe structure.

My setup uses Kubernetes and Auth0, but I am unable to access our application through the app_direct/ path. Is it required to modify my configuration? I could not find anything that should be changed on

I sent the related log in a private message to @fmichielssen and @tverbeke.

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Ah, I just noticed why I was unable to get it to work…

The forward slash at the very end is required for the app_direct link to work, i.e.

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Hi @michaelhogersosis,

From the ShinyProxy 2.2.2 release notes:

  • app_direct URLs require a trailing slash, so /app_direct/myapp now redirects to /app_direct/myapp/ for convenience

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Much appreciated @tverbeke :slight_smile: