Application.YML An error occured while updating files

I have recently downloaded Shiny Proxy 0.9.2. A large upgrade form the prior Shiny Proxy version I was running (0.7.8.)

In the shinyproxy-0.9.2.jar file I navigate to -> BOOT-INF -> classes -> application-demo.yml file to update the configurations, however upon saving I get the error:

An error occurred while updating the files.

This error does not occur with shinyproxy-0.7.8.jar when I update the .jar file

What can I do to resolve this.

Babacar D

Hi @Babacar_Diouf,

It is not recommended to edit files inside the .jar file. When you use a custom configuration, just add the configuration in a file application.yml in the same folder as the ShinyProxy .jar file and then launch ShinyProxy using

java -jar shinyproxy-0.9.2.jar

The configuration inside application.yml will be picked up automatically.

Alternatively, you can edit the file inside the jar and rebuild the .jar file using

mvn -U clean install

but the first option seems cleaner to me.



Thanks for the quick response. Since I am not able to edit the .yml file I will go through your first option:

I have created an application.yml file in which I have changed the default configurations and placed it in the same folder path as the shinyproxy-0.9.2.jar file.

However when i run the command,

java -jar <path>shinyproxy-0.9.2.jar

it seems to be running the default configurations within the jar file as I do not see the changes I have applied. I am not certain why the application.yml file i create it not automatically being utilized.

Babacar D.

Please note, that the application.yml file should be put in the folder from where shinyproxy is started, not to the same folder where .jar file is located.

For example if you run it like this:

pathA> java -jar /pathB/shinyproxy-0.9.2.jar 

application.yml should be in the folder pathA, not pathB.