Basic info for Shinyproxy SAML configuration


I’m trying to configure the SAML authentication in our Shinyproxy 2.5.0. Our IT is asking for a xml with the data they need to configure something in the Identity Provider side. I saw in the documentation that “the SAML metadata of ShinyProxy is available at the /saml/metadata path (available since ShinyProxy 2.5.0)” but when I try this url (http://myserver:8080/saml/metadata) I get a 404 error.

Is that the rigth way to get the info needed for the Identity Provider configuration? If so, why do I get the 404 error?

Thanks in advance.


This URL only becomes active when you enable the SAML configuration in ShinyProxy. This means you have to setup the SAML configuration in ShinyProxy first and then provide the metadata url to the IT team. If you don’t know all values yet, you can fill in some temporary values.

ok, it works, thanks!

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I am trying to configure shinyproxy authentication with saml 2.0 and Azure AD. Recently, I am referencing to the official site for configuration but failed as it asked me for reply url.
I am wondering if you could share your application.yml file for saml authentication part and some key setting that you did on Azure Entra ID (old name Azure Active Directory). Thanks in advance.