Behind SSL nginx reverse proxy - https to http?


I am setting up Shinyproxy to run in a docker container, in front of a Nginx SSL reverse proxy itself running in a docker container.
The difficulty is that I cannot expose port 80 nor 443 on my host.
But I noticed that Shinyproxy seems to post the login form on the address http://host/login, no matter the proxy headers added by NGINX.

The rest of the app is functional. I found the issue only for login and logout.

After some research, I tried to add the command below in the yml file:
use-forward-headers: true

I believe that it is the same issue as:


I wonder if this is a security concern because it would basically mean that the password is sent in clear text.
Am I right?

Thanks for your help,




Were you able to resolve this issue? I still have issue with this. There is an existing issue in github as well but so far there is no exact working solution for me ->