Best practice of using database

When using Shinyproxy, sometimes the app(or multiple apps) needs to access a database. I’m wondering what is the best practice of using database with Shinyproxy. I would prefer the database to be running in a container as well and persist the data in a dock volume. The problem is how to access that database properly?


Hi @Keqiang_Li,

In this blog post there is a section ‘Larger Applications and Networks’ which demonstrates how to do this:

  • create a network for the db using docker network create e.g. db-network
  • run your DB container using docker run with the --net option to run it inside the ‘db-network’
  • make sure an interface is configured on the Shiny app container using the docker-network-connections field where you specify this same db-network as the value

Hope this helps!


Great! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Didn’t know this new configuration. This is really exciting because now different apps can be configured on different networks. Can’t wait to give it a go. Appreciate your work!


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