Browser tab title without " - Default" appended

Hey everyone,

first of all: thank you for ShinyProxy - it’s super useful and handy and thanks to the OA crew, even FOSS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a (hopefully) simple question that I fail to figure out myself: the browser tab title comes appended with a " - Default". For example, an application.yml like this:

  port: 3838
  hide-navbar: true
  landing-page: /app/an_app
  title: A Dashboard
  - id: a_dashboard
    display-name: App title
    container-cmd: ["R", "-e", "shiny::runApp('/root/an_app')"]
    container-image: a_dashboard

… yields a browser tab like this:
Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 16.02.37

So, is there a possibility to only label the browser tab “App title” without the " - Default" part?
Thank you!

You can achieve this by using templates -,template-path,-%3A%20optional%20path%20that - in particular by modifying the line in the app.html

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Ah, trop cool! And many thanks, @mnazarov, for the very prompt and detailed response!