Bug: Favicon not working if using context-path

Hi there, I noticed I think a bug in ShinyProxy.

I set the favicon-path in the application.yaml. If I now start the ShinyProxy without a context-path (localhost:8080) the Favicon is showing in the Browser.
If I now set a context-path in the application.yaml, like “/shiny”, and restart the ShinyProxy, the Favicon is not showing anymore (fresh Incognito-Browser) under localhost:8080/shiny. If I look into the Browser-Console it tells me that it could not find the favicon under localhost:8080/favicon.ico. But if I directly navigate to localhost:8080/shiny/favicon.ico, the icon is available.

So I think this is a bug. If using a context-path in the config the favicon should either be hosted under the document-root (localhost:8080/favicon.ico) or the server should respect the context-path on loading it.

Can you confirm this is a bug or otherwise tell me how to solve this issue?

Greetings, Marco