Choose specific nodes regarding user group

I’ve got 4 servers (A, B, C, D), 2 groups of users (group1 and group2), and 2 apps (X and Y). I would like that the group1 users use only appX on server A or B, and group2 users use only appY on server C or D.
Is it possible with Swarm or Kubernetes and ShinyProxy 2.3.0?



I believe the pieces are there to do what you’re asking, but it’s not clear to me if you can assign individual apps (as pods in k8s) to a specific node.

In Kubernetes, the concept you’re looking for is the nodeSelector. ShinyProxy exposes that through the configuration.yaml file, see documentation here

The trick is whether or not you can specify the tags by app, or if the configuration file only lets you specify one set of tags for the ShinyProxy-created pods.

Good luck! I have been using ShinyProxy with Kubernetes in AWS EKS and it’s working very well to meet my use-case.