Container-dns config on EKS

Hello community.
Does anybody have experience running shinyproxy on aws eks cluster? We need to add a resolver to /etc/resolv.conf, and seems like there is a special option for this: container-dns. The problem is that it does not work for us. It does not impact on resolv.conf file content at all. Do you have any suggestions?
We have the latest shinyproxy version and kubernetes 1.29
Thank you.


Indeed, the container-dns is not working on k8s, we will fix this in the next release.
In the meantime you can use the kubernetes-pod-patches property to manually add your dns servers, for example:

    - id: 01_hello
      container-image: openanalytics/shinyproxy-demo
      kubernetes-pod-patches: |
        - op: add
          path: /spec/dnsConfig