'container-env-file' not working


I am able to add environment variables with to an app container via proxy.specs.container-env. However, when I try to put multiple environment variables into proxy.specs.container-env-file, these values are ignored. This is with shinyproxy 2.0.4 running in a Docker container. With shinyproxy < 2 I have had no problems specifying multiple variables via an env file. If needed I can provide minimal example configurations.

What might be the problem here? Is anybody using container-env-file with a conainerized shinyproxy?


Hi @rstub,

Thanks for the report! Reproducible examples are always welcome, but maybe best to post on https://github.com/openanalytics/shinyproxy/issues

ShinyProxy 2.0.0 was a serious refactoring and we may need to add extra tests for container-env.

Thanks again!


@rstub, This was a bug indeed that has been fixed in ShinyProxy 2.0.5, see https://www.shinyproxy.io/downloads/

Thanks @tverbeke . We will test this in the next couple of days.