ContainerProxy - Has "Proxy keep-alive" feature been implemented yet?

From, the Feature part says:

  • Proxy keep-alive : a timeout mechanism can be enabled to automatically close idle proxies after a specific time period.

However, searching keep-alive or alive leads to zero hits in ContainerProxy’s Github repo.

So, is it a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet?

I’m asking this is because I think automatically close idle apps is an very important feature… As I’ve described in the feature requrest, nowadays, users tend to leave the tab open for days, leading to lots of idle containers. Since each container costs at least 100mb memory, it’s not small aggregately…

Hello @shrektan,

I think the keep-alive refers to the (already implemented) heartbeat mechanism which is activated by default in ShinyProxy, so it is different from your feature request. That being said, your feature request definitely makes sense and we will consider it!


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