Contributing guidelines


I’ve just started using ShinyProxy and I was looking for the coding guidelines in order to prepare better pull requests. We’re in production connecting to LDAP now, but we will probably be implementing OpenID Connect authentication in the future. I was also wondering if the repository for the sphinx docs is available somewhere.

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Hi @maarten-vermeyen,

Great news you are using it in production! We’ll spell out full contributor guidelines in the near future, but please find the basics (bullet-wise) below:

  • support requests are best addressed on
  • suggestions for improving documentation can be made here or on - there is no public repository of the docs currently
  • regarding feature requests / bug reports, Github is recommended and it is perfectly fine to work with pull requests (as you did - we’ll add your change soon); of course these things can also be discussed here;

Regarding authentication, OAuth2 is on the roadmap and having OpenID Connect would be very cool too!



Social authentication has been added in the mean time (see version 0.8.7) and users can log on using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github or LinkedIn accounts. See Downloads | ShinyProxy


Thanks. It turns out our OpenID Connect provider (Keycloak) has a Spring Boot adapter, so I’ll be giving that a try. Our end goal here is to use Keycloak as our Authx and Authn provider using OpenID Connect. In the next step we would add CSAM (federal authentication service) as an identity provider to Keycloak, enabling us to authenticate using the Belgian eID. This will allow our Shiny apps, which often contain sensitive data, to comply with the strictest of privacy regulations.

If I get anywhere with this I’ll let you know. I think it could probably be a selling point to government agencies and municipalities needing reporting dashboards.