Costume URL using shiny proxy

Hi, I’m sort of new to R shiny. I’m using an application that uses R shiny, whenever I start the program it will start listening on a port as what’s usual for a shiny application. I’m developing a website that needs a secure connection for that application every time users want to run it, so I need dedicated URL for my shiny application when it’s running which refers to the domain of my website. For example, if my application is running on port 5000, as of now it would be “”, what I need to run this application on different ports and each time get a random URL base on my domain name, i.e. “” to pass it to the user. Is that something that I can only get with Shiny Proxy? If so how can I do that, does it need a specific configuration? It will be great if you can help with this issue.

I don’t fully understand what you are saying but yes ShinyProxy enables you to run multiple apps at the same time with random endpoints…

Can you please tell me what part of your documentation is exactly referring to this point? I wasn’t able to find it.