CSS not loading in app

When I build an image and run the image manually the app appears as expected. However, when running in ShinyProxy all of the css and javascript files are failing to load returning a 404 error. When using chrome’s inspect tool, I see that all of the css and js files are blank in the ShinyProxy instance but present on the manually ran instance. I realize I should be posting code here, but I have no idea what to be showing because I have no idea why this is happening or could be happening.

Added a SO post about this issue as well: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55582092/how-to-fix-404-not-found-errors-when-sourcing-css-and-javscript-files-in-shi

You will have to install the requested font at the top of your Dockerfile. You can add it to your list “Dependencies outside of R”:

sudo apt-get install fonts-font-awesome

I have posted this answer on SO where you provided more information:

The discussion on this topic was more fruitful at Stack Overflow and a solution was found. The tl;dr version of the answer is that shiny 1.3 does not play nice with the default / suggested configuration of NGINX. The solution is either using shiny 1.2 or updating the NGINX configuration - which I assume will work but have not done yet to verify.

Thanks for reporting back, @Danny_Beachnau !