Custom html link on the landing page : rendering issues

Dear Devs,

I made a custom landing page using your thymeleaf template, and I can launch apps by clicking on icons etc.
I now want to link another html page to the landing page, to send users to some extra information source.
The link itself is working so that I get forwarded to the info page but no style formatting seems to work.
Originally, the info page is written in html and uses bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js to produce a carousel (a kind of a slide show). None of this is rendering in context of shinyproxy.

My question is, is it possible to link and render an html/css/js page from the shinyproxy landing page? Or does it have to be thymeleaf again?

My current directory structure is:
/root/landing_page/index.html ----> the landing page
/root/landing_page/assets/carousel.html ---->the info page
/root/landing_page/assets/carousel ----> libs and imgs for the info page

I’d appreciate any help,



After I’ve rearranged the folder structure and updated shinyproxy to 2.2.2 in the docker image, the carousel is rendered fine.

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HI! can you tell me how its your structure now?

Hi Joaquin,

the current setup I have is:

  • /root/landing_page/index.html -->> main page (Thymeleaf)
  • /root/landing_page/assets/img -->> images for main page
  • /root/landing_page/assets/css -->> styles for main page
  • /root/lading_page/assets/carousel.html -->> info page with carousel (html+bootstrap+css)
  • /root/landing_page/assets/carousel* —>> libs, styles and images for info page