Customized login in an internal network


I’m trying to deploy an shinyproxy in my company’s network. However, the login strategy is not one of the existing ones.

Our strategy is similiar to using Github account to login. Specifically, our IT builds a public login page (for example, any internal app is required to redirect the client to that page. If the login successes, the login page (i.e., will redirect the user to the apps with corresponding info.

When I use shinyserver, I will implement the login logic in R codes per app. However, since shinyproxy provides an unified login strategy, I would love to take advantage of that. Sadly, I’m not a java expert. So it’s difficult for me to start. The logic of our internal login model is quite simple, so I believe I may be able to make it work by myself or find some…

Could you please give me some hints about how to implement this in java by modifying your source code… Like what kind of library I may use or where to start…


Hi @shrektan,

As you may know, ShinyProxy uses Spring Security for its different authentication approaches. One of those is the ‘social authentication’, which includes Github, and is based on OAuth2.

Some possible routes to take:

I will take a look and come back if any progress.